Our Story

Once upon a time, we worked in full-time positions with companies that adopted Salesforce platforms for their sales and marketing needs. In these early days, we learned the ins and outs of platform migrations and implementations, but it has been our work with the hundreds of Salesforce customers we've worked with since that have really honed our skills. We're incredibly fortunate that we've been in so many accounts and worked through so many challenges—it makes the new ones we face with clients a little bit easier. Chances are, we've seen your problem before (and solved it). We love what we do; each day brings a new adventure.

Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner

Meet the Team

We've been with Parquet Marketing since the very beginning, when it was still just an exciting possibility we threw around during our lunch breaks. Our skills have grown and evolved since those days, but our foundation has remained unchanged.


Roy Wimer

Founder & Salesforce Developer

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Jessica Hope

Founder & CEO

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RicWimer (1)

Alaric Wimer

Web Developer

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